I run Linux on a Sony VAIO PCG-FX200 laptop. For the benefit of other Linux FX200 users out there, here's a summary of my hardware experiences.

The laptop itself works fine. The screen is good, the battery will keep the laptop running for about 2 hours (under Linux), and the hard drive is fairly quiet. The CD/DVD drive burns CDs and plays DVDs (using Xine). The built-in Ethernet works fine (using the e100 driver, not the eepro driver). At one point, I had the i815em video card displaying 3D, but this appears to be broken at the moment.

Despite the respectable battery life, power management is a bit dodgy. In particular, there's no APM support, and I can't get the laptop to sleep or suspend using ACPI.

In the past few weeks, I've added a bunch of peripherals: a Cisco 350-series wireless card, a Maxtor 80GB external FireWire drive, and a PNY USB 1.1 SmartMedia drive. These all appear to work correctly.