My name is Eric Kidd. I'm a programmer living in Vermont. During the day, I work on a multimedia runtime (for a group specializing in educational software). In my spare time, I contribute to several free software projects, hike, read voraciously and (when I get the time) design programming languages.

Oddball Technologies I've Hacked On

The Apple II, the MacOS, Dylan, SGML, XML, Linux, LISP, embedded systems, semi-autonomous robots, the BeOS, news aggregators, in-house business applications in C/C++/Java, research compilers at MIT, and Mac/Windows multimedia software. I'm most comfortable programming in C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, LISP, Dylan, or C#--but I have a fondness for Ruby, JavaScript, Haskell and anything which bends my brain.

About "Random Hacks"

See the Jargon File: Random Hacks.