My RedHat order came in! I won't have time to upgrade until after Thanksgiving, but I'm looking forward to bring my system up to date and getting the Linux Library installed.

I mailed out the Blitzserv patches today, so the next version of the BlitzMail server should support Linux and all of the fun things discussed previously. We'll be making a somewhat higher-profile-than-normal release of the Dartmouth e-mail system sometime in the coming months. I'm also selling my co-workers on CVS and JitterBug; we'll see who bites.

Well, we now have a CVS tag for Gwydion Dylan 2.1.2, although the Chaos Computer Club seems to have lost their CVS server again. Andreas will fix it. I spent a few minutes testing my Cheap-IO patch, checked it in, and took care of some administrivia. I also wrote up a plan for making Cheap-IO and regular IO source compatible for version 2.3. If you want to see the list of bugs that need to be fixed before we release 2.2, take a look at the critical bug list.